Valentine Baroin & Alice Madrelle
create the ma:la:bar architects agency in 2015,
after numerous collaborations with Parisian agencies.
Located on the border of the ‘marais’ district in the 11th arrondissement of Paris,
the agency occupies what was once the stables of the Cirques d’Hivers.

our approach

Our Architectural approach is scalable and adapts to each project so as to best meet the needs of different programs and environments. Rather than duplicate a formal style, our goal is to define a new and pragmatic approach for each operation that works in cooperation with the client and all other actors of the construction process. Our curiosity is nurtured by each project and the encounters they induce.

Each of these projects is an opportunity to confront the contemporary issues of urban planning and construction, to transcend constraints with creative thought that goes beyond just technical drawings and plans of the structure.


Today, the agency is developing in different sectors simultaneously, promoting transversal thought, playing off of different scales - from architectural objects to regional planning projects.

  • To address housing in the city at its different scales, both in construction and in interior renovation. (Housing construction & renovation)
  • Take part in urbanization and integrate adapted amenities. (construction of public & service facilities)
  • Integrating a respect for the environment with the construction of large industrial projects (Industrial structures & logistics platforms)

our clients are both public and private


> Assistance to the contracting authority (ACA)
Meetings and presentations to administrators and agents for the “pre-assembly” of the project file.
Definition of the real project management needs
Definition and proposal of project schedule in relation to terrtorial ans environmental issues.
Definition of the project financials

> Mastery of BPI and SEVESO regulations and legal requirements.

> Full command of major projects. Coordination of project managers and individual contractors.



Graduated from the Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture - Paris Malaquais in 2007. After acquiring professional experience in multiple Parisian agencies, she started her own business in 2015, co-founding the Malabar Architects agency.


Graduated from the Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture – Versailles in 2011. After an internship with Reichen&Roberts, she joined the Francois Leclercq agency where she worked for 4 years. She started her own business in 2015, co-founding the Malabar Architects agency.


Graduated from the Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture - Rennes in 2013 and acquired a Project Management accreditation there in 2016. She joined the team in 2017.


Has a Masters in Graphic arts from e-artsup in Bordeaux. She has been the communications manager for the agency since 2017 when she joined the team.