projet amenities

Quartier Camille Claudel

in collaboration with François Leclercq Architectes Urbanistes

Creation of 1500 permanent lodging and 500 student lodgings
François Leclercq
> Alice Madrelle
Atelier Roland Castro-Sophie Denissof & associates
Carré d'Arch
Atelier du Pont
Ateliers 115
Fayolle Pilon architects
Agence Matthieu Gelin & David Lafon
Fresh Architectures
SOA architects
Agence SML
Studio Authier & Associates
Alcyone Architecture
Jean-Christophe Quinton
Eric Lapierre Experience

Bouygues Immobilier
Eiffage Immobilier
Kaufman & Broad Homes
Nexity Apollonia
190 000 000€ HT (phase 01)
147 000 m²

Delivered (phase 01)

Studio Authier & Associates
Construction and urban planning
François Leclercq Urban Architects




SLocated in Palaiseau, the sustainable urban district Camille Claudel presented itself as a rich territory, a rare space opportunity to carry a major metropolitan project within an agglomeration currently at the heart of the “ile de France” problematic. With the creation of 1500 permanent homes and 500 student housing units for an estimated population of 4500 people, this new neighborhood is the first large housing operation of “Grand Paris”.
In the heart of the Saclay plateau, a major economic center, but also a privileged landscape, the Camille Claudel district is articulated between urban and natural space. Between town and country. More than marking a border, this project is an opportunity to work on the dialogue between two very different environments.

The preponderant place of nature and vegetated ditches has highlighted the treatment of open spaces as a founding element of the project. In this case, open spaces are conceived as the physical links between city and countryside, set up through many perspectives from the heart of the island to the forest. Landscaped like public gardens, collective or private, these green spaces leave their urban character to become almost wild on the edge of the woods. The forest thus comes to take precedence over the urbanization.




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