projet habitats


in collaboration with françois leclercq

Construction of a 70 unit building + ERP + Shops
CIRMAD Prospectives [BOUYGUES]
François Leclercq Architectes Urbanistes
François Leclercq Architectes Urbanistes

ROUEN Luciline [76]
9 000 000€
Label BBC





The project is subject to the Rouen Local Urban Planning Plan and is in line with the approach and reflections of the Architectural, Urban and Environmental Prescriptions Book of the Devillers agency and Partners.

This entity combines singularity and belonging to the device of the overall urban composition, to sublimate, compose and invent in the ordinary of the inhabited thing.
The project raises the question of the relations, a priori contradictory, between the coherence of a whole and the formal autonomy of its elements. It is a work on identity as much as on usage. This is why the project strives to proceed from a necessary evidence: only guarantee of the intelligibility of the entities and their links.







More than the literal translation of the urban rules imposed by the PLU, the different buildings of the project propose a relationship of connivance between inhabited space and public or private space. One of the challenges of this project is the meeting and dialogue of these geometries.

The tower, on the boulevard side, belongs to the city, to the Seine front, and is the subject of a desire to treat verticality and a certain geometric rigour, which will proceed to the sequencing and the discontinuous rhythm of the Seine front, participating in the urban continuity.

This tower of 17.97 x 17.35m adjoins a low volume of R+4 surmounted by a green roof. The gap between these two buildings and the A2 building offers a visual breakthrough, allowing the intimacy of the heart of the block to be seen.

The body of the building along Amédée Dormoy street, extends more widely over the interior garden and belongs to the heart of the island its façade is the subject of a more animated treatment.